Use your Mongify translation file build valid Mongoid Models automatically!
current version: 1.0.1

What is it

We've noticed that after running Mongify, there was an extra step before we could start working on our projects. The extra step requires us to create new models in our application. This means looking at the translation file and manually writing the model. Image how much time is wasted? So we decided that we could make it better and Mongify-Mongoid is the result! It will read your translation.rb file and build your models out, including the fields, relations (most of the way) and timestamps.

Get more information at:

How to use it

First you have to install the gem

  gem install mongify-mongoid

Then run the command:

  mongify_mongoid translation.rb [--output ~/output_dir]

The result will be outputted into the output directory (or current_directory/models). Each of the tables will generate a model file.

You're done, now you can focus on the important stuff!


    common options:
      -h, --help                       Show this message
      -v, --version                    Show version
      -O, --output DIR                 Output Directory
      -F, --force                      Force overwrite of Output Directory


Any issues you may have please feel free to report to: